Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Olympia Theatre, Dublin, IRE

Crush, Satellite, Save Me, Samurai Cop, When the World Ends, Out of My Hands, Warehouse, Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back), Minarets, Continue*, Virginia in the Rain, Fool to Think, Corn Bread, Muros y Puertas^, #41, Grace Is Gone, Rooftop, Black and Blue Bird, Jimi Thing, Manfood*, Bartender, Two Step, Gravedigger, You Might Die Trying

Enc: Gravedigger, Dancing Nancies

Enc 2: The Space Between, Ants Marching

*Tim Solo
^with Carlos Varela, first time played by Dave & Tim

Source: www.davematthewsband.com/setlists/