moe. Is a band who has weathered the storm in recent years and come out clean on the other side. In 2018 the band abruptly took a hiatus from touring when Rob received a prognosis of nasopharyngeal cancer.  He returned to the road with the band the following year but in 2021 tragedy struck twice when Chuck Garvey suffered a stroke. The band toured with Nate Wilson and Suke Cerulo for a time while Garvey rehabilitated. He’s been back on the road for a year now, but this was my first chance to see him where he belongs, stage right.

moe. has a deep and dedicated fanbase in Colorado. They lined up early stretching around the block before doors opened at 7 PM. The band advertised two nights for the run, but a few weeks ago Rob and Al announced an moe.stly acoustic Sunday BBQ show at Globe Hall for good measure. Excitement was in the air as fans streamed through the doors. The Ogden is not known for it’s fantastic sight lines but this old ship has history. It’s been home to more mid-sized jamband shows than any other venue on the Front Range and over time you just get used to things like not seeing the musicians and inadequate bathrooms.

moe. (and their crew) took the stage clad in pink attire for breast cancer awareness month. At the time of this writing the boys from Buffalo had raised just shy of $11K for the American Cancer Society. They opened with a luscious “Crab Eyes.” The fans on the rail bounced wildly and the band continued with a Ghosts of Jupiter cover, the soaring “Yellow Tigers.” GOJ is Nate Wilson’s previous project with Assembly of Dust guitars Adam Terrell. The frantic rhythm of “Threw It All Away” signaled the dance party as Al blasted away on the vocals. They bookended this massive introductory chapter by returning to “Crab Eyes.”

The band proceeded with a rocking version of “Blue Jeans Pizza.” This song is an underrated banger, that is all. “Tomorrow Is Another Day” is an Al tune that debuted just a few weeks ago at Mountain View. It’s a more mature, positive track from the band that spawned Ha Ha The Moose. The mellow of vibe of “Wormwood” washed over the crowd as the lights splashed off the ceiling in a continuous psychedelic swirl. That vibe suddenly gave way to an explosive “Okayalright.” Chuck was firing on all cylinders but more so the entire band seemed locked in. They’ve always been tight but the inclusion of Nate on keys gives everyone more freedom… except Vinnie. You’re locked in bruh. They closed a solid set of music with “Bring You Down.’

“Hi & Lo” is classic Chuck and everyone in the room absolutely relished this rendition. They used “Big World” as a launching pad for the jam. The instrumental “Ricky Marten” took it further before a tight “Lazarus” brought us back to the surface. Keeping the theme alive they went into The Flaming Lips’ “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt.1.” They’re pink, get it? They wrapped up set two with a monumental “Recreational Chemistry.”

6 guys named moe. returned to the stage for a beaut of a “Water” before friends emerged from the wings. Al announced the arrival of Andy Franco and UN guitarist Shawn Eckels. They both took turns singing with Al on The Band’s “Ophelia” before they all jammed out Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.” All in all this was a monumental end to a monumental show.  moe. never hesitates to absolutely throw down in the Mile High City. Their fluidity and musical prowess were on full display as was their resiliency as a band. To sit Chuck.side and see the boys back at their peak was a joy that’s hard to describe. I will say this cheers to you all band and crew, you came through hell to get here and we love you for it.