The EDC. The Electric Daisy Carnival. The largest party in the country took place at The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Park, with five stages built beautifully amongst the hustle and bustle one of our country’s largest cities. Arriving in the general vicinity one couldn’t help but notice the young and crazy kids massing in a line up and down the many streets that incorporated this massive Carnival.

While not a Festival, this party had it all, the talent, producers, massively-built stages and mazes of white lights, lasers shooting in every direction and smoke billowing up from not only the stage but from within the crowd. Most people weren’t there to see a certain artist, they came, and came from all over, to dress like it was Burning Man, strip down to nothing, get smothered in day glow paint and dance, dance and then dance some more…

The first night was packed. The main stage if you’d call it that was inside the Coliseum, yet outside the kineticFIELD as the Coliseum was named, there were massive stages erected with 5 spiral lights, each a little smaller than the prior and laden with lights, lasers and gas.

As afternoon turned to night, the bass came from all directions. In every direction there was a stage booming with lights and lights and did I mention lights? Being a festival goer one could only wonder why other production companies couldn’t put together something as tightly wrapped and beautifully lit as EDC. Carnivals like this aren’t your everyday affair, where else can you ride a roller-coaster and the zipper amongst thousands of decked out ravers while taking in the electronic sensation of house and jungle beats? I’m not here to compare, but if a non-electronic festival was put together and organized half as well as The EDC it would be a game changer and I suppose, rave and all that’s exactly what the EDC is.

It’s also a mix of great danceable beats, dehydration, sweet sweet LA, and artists like MSTRKRFT, DEADMAU5, with amazing guests like Rivers Cuomo from Weezer and Lil’ John. While you definitely had to make your way from stage to another but if you hit up the EDC you do so knowing you can’t catch it all.

Having a long history, Insomniac knows how to throw a party. The second afternoon into night was even more insane. Even more kids, and by kids I am speaking of eighteen year olds, because that had to be the average age of the participants. Culminating into a large party in the main venue, the EDC was a rave for the younger crowd and talking to the medic there were many seizures and over 60 ambulance rides a night.

Still perhaps this is to be expected from the largest party in the country, with over 200,000 souls ready to dance from 2pm on Friday, til 2am on Sat and then maybe even an after-party in the Hollywood Hills. Dr.Drew eat your heart out but the sober house wasn’t so sober and the beats didn’t end til the last body gave way to a Sunday and most likely a week of recovery. Well done Insomniac, well done, LAPD, well done EDC.