A fairly reliable indicator of the game plan of a Rolling Stones show is in the appearance of its slinky singer. Live at the Tokyo Dome, a DVD/CD set from the 1990 Steel Wheels tour, is no exception. Part of the ongoing From The Vault series, the archive concert release finds a sinewy sleek, dare-be-said classy Mick Jagger at the forefront of a larger band that included a trio of background singers and a four-piece Uptown horn section. Gone are the androgynous hints of the druggy ‘70s or the pastel spandex and football jerseys of the post-punk new wave ‘80s, replaced in Jagger with spiked short hair and a serious suit, at least till things get hot (which, of course, they do rather quickly). Listen to this ensemble tear through a soul-snapping “Satisfaction,” sounding more like Otis Redding’s breakneck funky cover version than the Stones original, on this, the first tour after a seven-year break from the road. The layoff coupled with the quintet surrounding itself with no-nonsense players has them sharper, and at least for these boys, on better behavior, with some (but, not all) of the looser, sexualized mischief missing. But hey, this was the enlightenment of the ‘90s, and this was the response from the Rolling Stones: clean, lean, and mean.