When it comes to discovering new bands, album art is everything. It can introduce you to an audial experience as mesmerizing as its visual lure. And such is the case for Denver’s The Yawpers, whose excellent third outing will surely catch the eye of Underground Comix fans the world over. Boy in a Well tells the story of an unwanted newborn in WWI-era France, both in song and vision, as the LP is accompanied by a full comic book illustrated by J.D. Wilkes of the Legendary Shack Shakers in the classic style of Robert Crumb and Art Spiegelman. But what makes this Boy so damn good is once you put that needle on the record, you’re met with a raucous, melodic roar that dials up the muscle car blues of their 2014 debut American Man with a sense of songwriting that’s as much Jello Biafra as it is Johnny Cash as songs like “Mon Dieu”, “No Going Back” and “Face to Face to Face” (featuring Russel Simins of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion on drums) can attest. Plus, to have a cat like Tommy Stinson assisting producer Alex Hall with sound advice and elbow grease just puts the need to hear this album more of a priority. Like Cheap Thrills or Unmasked or Operation: Doomsday before it, Boy in a Well is a perfect balance of comic book art and killer guitar rock that will be music to the ears of any lover of both art forms.