Bands like Particle, Papadosio, Lotus and of course Dopapod are a reminder of a different era in the festival scene. Music fans soaked up loads of new and innovative artists while acts like Phish slumbered. In fact it was during Phish’s initial hiatus in the the early aughts that I found bands like moe. which ultimately lead down a narrow path to livetronica and the broader music featured in festival lineups. It wasn’t long before I found myself at Drums and Tuba late nights if you know what I mean… maybe you don’t. Look up Drums & Tuba. Dopapod although a bit later always held a space of elevated musicianship and a focus on the song. Peaks and valleys oozing with a tightness formed from the bond of each musician to one another. They are on the same page and turning with accuracy. Another band turning the page is opener Sicard Hollow.

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee Sicard Hollow has exploded onto the scene with a relentless touring schedule that is pairing them with some of the best in the music business. I caught their opening set with Leftover Salmon in November and was eager to see them again this time in my hometown. They came on around 7:20 for a 40 minute set of intrepid acoustic driven music. “Escape the Unknown” is a brooding track about life in our modern world. Upon first listen it’s really the bassist Parrish Gabriel that is pushing the envelope in how he is driving the bus. It’s a slap-centric funky style that creates the rhythmic foundation that is utterly unique in the acoustic scene. The slippery “Little Miss Tipsy” is an ode to a free spirited Pisces. We were treated to a heavy version of Jeff Austin’s “Boys On The Hill.” They closed a strong but short set with the powerful “Foot’s Touching Steel.” These cats are crushing the game and redefining what is possible in the Music City. Catch Sicard Hollow before they are headliners, it won’t be long.

Dopapod’s sound man was blasting the house music during set break which was suddenly cut in lieu of some eerie chimes that worked as the bands walk-out track. This power quartet has always been there lurking ready to melt face. They are an amalgamation of jam with a livetronica spirit, but they are completely organic. Shit’s happening live and it’s happening quick.  They can start slow and end fast with big sounds coming from the rhythm and the melody. Their fanbase is fervent and they remember the good old days. I remember the good old days too. Most of the set blended together with “Live In The Dream” into “Freight” an obvious high point.

It was interesting to see who came out of the woodwork for this show on a Thursday night. Locals mixed with fans who had made the trek up from Denver. Old heads mingled the young kids decked out in Goose shirts. I bopped around the crowd snapping photos as the lights absolutely went off. The light array would go from stark backlight to solid beams as a pink hue filling the entire room. The sound is utterly dialed for maximum effect. They tap the brakes musically as the sludgy bass undergirds a searing guitar solo that makes you forget what planet you’re inhabiting. The music dips and the crowd cheers and now it’s a jazzier space jam taking you to the bridge. Dopapod can do it all and they do it all with style. They closed their first set with “Time Is Funny.” The whomp from the PA picked back up during the break.

It would have been easy to keep it to one set show given they had an opener, but Dopapod gave fans what they wanted, more music. They opened set number two with “Bubble.” These time tested road warriors fit together musically like a glove. After almost twenty years performing together their interplay borders on the telepathic. The rhythm section consisting of Neal Evans on the kit and Chuck Jones on bass was absolutely in the pocket leaving Eli and Rob room to soar. “Runny” was a great addition to the show. They closed with a smoking “Two Somebodies.” They encored with the playful “Donkey Kong Country” jam. This band might have floated off the radar right before Covid due to their hiatus in 2019, but they are back in full force ready to rock stages and drop jaws nationwide. Look for them at your local spot, Dopapod brings the heat every single time.

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