Shooter Jennings is offering Warren Zevon fans the next-best thing with his occasional Werewolves of Los Angeles gigs and the resultant Shooter Jennings and the Werewolves of Los Angeles Do Zevon LP

Recorded Oct. 16, 2022, at the Werewolves’ debut during a festival gig in Monterey, Calif., the album finds Jennings feting “one of my favorite artists of all time” with 13 tracks spanning “Excitable Boy” to “Keep Me in Your Heart.”

The backing vocals are rough. But with Jennings on the mic and at the piano, guitarists Brian Whelan and John Schreffler and the rhythm section of Jamie Douglass (drums) and Ted Russell Kamp on bass, the Werewolves of Los Angeles are as authentic on “Lawyers, Guns and Money,” “My Shit’s Fucked Up,” “Poor Poor Pitiful Me” and other tracks as any group tackling such a singular songbook could ever be. 

Zevon died in 2003 and has never received the popular acclaim he deserved. Jennings’ efforts should expose his music to a wider audience and for that he deserves many sandwiches. 

Jennings already knows the importance of enjoying every one.