For the 50th anniversary celebration of The Rolling Stones, the Stones did what else but embark on a massive tour, and broadcast a pay-per-view concert event from its Newark, New Jersey stop in December of 2012.  That Jersey night makes up this newly remixed and re-edited full show that deployed a dream Stones’ setlist and a slew of guests honoring the greatest rock-and-roll band in the world.  From a surprise visit from The Garden State’s favorite son, Bruce Springsteen, on a Stax soul-infused take on “Tumbling Dice,” to the de rigueur appearance by Lady Gaga on “Gimme Shelter,” the venerable rockers brandished a trove of their classics, with a little help- nouveau and vintage. 

This includes two nods to the band’s blues roots: a spiky turn on “Going Down” and a wink to Bo Diddley on “Who Do You Love?”- the former giving space to modern blues purveyors, Gary Clark Jr. and John Mayer; the latter turning loose the boogie with indie blues mavens, The Black Keys.   And while all the guests give that something extra to enjoy to the capacity crowd and those tuning in from home, the best move the legends make in honoring their five decades together is welcoming former guitarist, Mick Taylor.  The veteran six-stringer responsible for so much of the great work the band produced in the early ‘70s slides right into old form- assembling a triumvirate of guitar, with Keith Richards and Ron Wood- on the expanded jam of “Midnight Rambler.”

Being an indoor gig at the Prudential Center, the stage and its set-up are rather humble relative to the gargantuan stadium rig the group had been trucking around the world on previous treks.  As such, Mick Jagger’s indefatigable energy remains largely focused on his signature vocal presence and less on the gymnastics of performing on acres of space.  Magnetic and forever youthful, Jagger is the heartbeat of the Stones, driving the band through their 23 songs; each one a certified gem, rounding out the epic evening with the ultimate jewel, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.”

Once again, even with such a crowning performance, the Rolling Stones seem happy to acknowledge the milestone, reward the fans with a big night like this, but then just keep on rolling, chasing that elusive satisfaction.  A decade later, and the group has wrapped a 60th anniversary nod and is on the cusp of releasing a new studio album.  Put this 2012 memento, deservedly, on the shelf as another spectacular evening from an incredible, unstoppable career, but leave room for more.