Aoife O’Donovan knew she and the Age of Apathy Band had put on a killer show Aug. 16 in Indianapolis. 

How do we know she knew this? Because less than two months later, it was released as Live from the Hi•Fi. Having seen the show in Ohio two nights later – a really good one, to boot – I can attest there’s something about this show that makes it sparkle. The setlist is different and the oomph factor is palpable. 

“We’re on fire up here,” O’Donovan says at one point. She’s talking about the weather, but it applies to the music as well. 

That O’Donovan credits her backing musicians – Lula Wiles’ Isa Burke (electric and acoustic guitars, fiddle), rubbery bassist Ethan Jodziewicz and drummer extraordinaire Robin MacMillan – on the cover says much about how this group has evolved since its inception in February. 

Hiss Golden Messenger keyboardist Sam Fribush sits in on “B61,” one of eight Age of Apathy tracks performed alongside two from In the Magic Hour (“Magic Hour” and “Detour Sign), one from Fossils (“Hornets”) and a stinging version of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska gem “Drive All Night.” 

But O’Donovan is the star. She writes the tracks, sings them and plays acoustic guitar with an obvious hint of Joni Mitchell even while remaining uniquely herself. I regret missing this standout performance; Live from the Hi•Fi blunts the bad feeling somewhat.