If Jerry Garcia had ever played with Mickey Hart’s Planet Drum, the results might have sounded something like Front Street Outtakes. 

The 15-minute, three-song extended play comprises leftovers from Garcia and Sanjay Mishra’s 1995 LP, Blue Incantation, and represents some of the Grateful Dead man’s final studio recordings. 

Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from the streaming-only release benefit Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self-Realization Fellowship.

The music – particularly the eight-minute tone painting “Loving Sky,” but also the sprightly “Dancing” and Eastern flavors of “Pranam” – resembles “Space” with a melody as guitarists Garcia (electric) and Mishra (acoustic) play serpentine notes over bass, tabla and other percussion. 

Best absorbed on headphones, Front Street Outtakes is surprisingly listenable, particularly given it’s essentially freeform jamming. But Garcia, whose imprint is undeniable on these instrumental recordings, thrived in such environments.