On May 16, the second annual Whale Jam will occur at Boston’s Roadrunner venue. The charity concert, presented by Nantucket Crisps, aims to raise awareness and funds to support Whale & Dolphin Conservation’s efforts for the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale by offering an evening of music featuring a wide range of artists from bands like Mt. Joy, Caamp, O.A.R. and others. 

The Whale Jam’s artist lineup is billed to include performances from Matt Quinn (Mt. Joy), Jonathan Russell (The Head and The Heart, David Shaw), Taylor Meier (Caamp), Marc Roberge (O.A.R.), Joshua Harmon (The Backseat Lovers), Yoke Lore, Briston Maroney, and Adam Melchor, by showing their support of the event’s charitable cause. 

The event’s chosen charity, Whale & Dolphin Conservation, is a leading international charity committed to the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins. Further establishing the need for change, the event bio included, “North Atlantic right whales are a critically endangered species. Fewer than 340 remain, and of those, only 70 are reproductive females—the literal lifeline for the future of this species.”

Once the right whale to hunt, these whales now face extinction because of unintentional human threats including a changing climate putting them at higher risk of accidental entanglements in fishing gear and vessel strikes. If nothing changes, extinction of this species is predicted as soon as 2037,” the explanation concluded. 

To learn more about the Whale & Dolphin Conservation, visit its official website

Tickets for the second annual Whale Jam are on sale now. 

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