Screenshot via YouTube

Selcouth Quartet have dropped a multi-song video on its official YouTube page. The live recording was captured during the group’s January 25, 2024, concert at The Sultan Room in Brooklyn, N.Y., billed as their self-titled LP release show, and consisting of a three-song sampling featuring “Hidden People,” “Dragon, Bull, Vulture, Giant,” and “Limited Light.” Watch now.

The video, captures Selcouth Quartet band members Stuart Bogie, Joe Russo, Jonathan Goldberger and Jon Shaw unleashing material from their debut album. Notably, a nine-song collection was recorded at the esteemed Flóki Studios in Iceland, and was released to the public in full on October 19, 2023. 

The 27-minute live delivery via YouTube exhibits the group’s heavy display of instrumentation, melded with improvised moments steeped in musical prowess–a defining feature of the project that swells in live settings, where they bestow layered composition packed with keys, drums, wind instruments, and more.

Following the band’s LP release show at The Sultan Room, they intend to pick up ensuing live appearances beginning on Thursday, Feb. 22, at The Sinclair in Cambridge, Mass. The band’s run will continue with a follow-up in Hartford, Conn., on Feb. 23 and a slot on the Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues stage in Portsmouth, N.H., on Feb. 24.

After some time away from the stage, Selcouth Quartet will resume live gigs on March 20, where they will take part in a stand at Ardmore Music Hall in Ardmore, Pa. From there, the group will arrive in Washington, D.C., performing at The Hamilton, just before a festival appearance at Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, Tenn., on Saturday, March 23. 

For more information on the band, follow their official Instagram page. 

Scroll down to watch the Jan. 25 performance at The Sultan Room, featuring Selcouth Quartet.