Photo Credit: Michael Kravetsky

Instrumental powerhouse and vocalist Rachel Ana Dobken has delivered the latest preview of her impending sophomore album Acceptance, due on Friday, March 8. Today’s drop, “Bed You Made,” features  Blind Melon guitarist Rogers Stevens. The track centers around the emotive determination of the artist to receive change without preparation for preemptive moments asserted through life’s unknowns. Listen below.  

“For the verses he came up with this crazy line that fit so perfectly with the vocals. Whenever you listen to his playing on any of the Blind Melon records, it’s like, ‘Who would write this?’ This is so unique.’ And he brought that same energy to ‘Bed You Made,’” explains Dobken.

Listeners can pick up on Stevens and Dobken shifting off on the pre-chorus and chorus, with the guest musician adhering to playing rhythm, which she takes the lead, showing off her ability to seamlessly bounce between instruments–a feature of her wide-set skills. To cap it off, Stevens applied the song’s closing guitar solo, generating a soaring send-off and explosive conclusion. 

Reflecting on her own experience, Dobken deemed “Bed You Made” as her most meaningful piece to come from Acceptance. A title that alludes to a thematic current running through its presentation. “It’s about coming to terms with realities you have no control over but have to watch fall apart right in front of you. Emotions bubbling up that you aren’t ready to face but have to. Regret. Self-sabotage. Knowing you want to live from a place of love but not knowing how,” she adds. 

Tracing back topics that traverse the set, Dobken offered, “A reminder that the noises around us and in our heads is just that—fear. We have a choice and have to remind ourselves to face life head on, face our decisions and truths head on, that’s the most loving thing.  That restlessness or anxiety really is just a desire to embrace change, even if it means exploding and burning it all down to the ground… lean into it. Be kind to yourself. You are human.”

Sharing her intend for the set, the musician tacked on, “Acceptance is a culmination of frustration, struggle, yearning and beauty that led me to the understanding that—whatever we are searching for, whomever’s love and approval we desire, whatever we seek on our journey—all answers come from within. From accepting and loving ourselves wholly for who we are, darkness and all. Accepting the circumstances of our realities, embracing them and leaning into them. There’s a comfort and a beauty in that. Acceptance always to what is and will be.”

On this specific track, Dobken contributes drums, guitar, and vocals. While Dan Haase adds bass, Mark Masefield helps out on the keyboard, and Erik Kase Romero serves as producer, engineer, and percussionist.

The Acceptance album release show will occur at The Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, N.J., on Friday, April 5, 2024. Tickets are on sale now.

Listen to “Bed You Made” below. Pre-order Acceptance now.