The Lumineers have shared a cover of the holiday classic “Deck The Halls.” The fresh take on the traditional carol was recorded while the band was on tour in Argentina this fall. Proceeds from streaming and downloading the single will benefit Backline, which works to connect music industry professionals and their families with a dependable network of mental health and wellness providers.

Speaking on their single Wesley Schultz, Lumineers’ lead vocalist offered: “We are happy to release ‘Deck The Halls’ for the holidays. Maybe it’s the idea of soft winter snow gently falling, quieting the streets and neighborhoods, or the short days where the sun barely rises above the horizon we always seem to arrange and record the most barebones versions of holiday songs.”

Poking fun at the melancholy delivery, he concluded, “Someday we’re going to release the saddest Christmas album ever! In seriousness, we are grateful to partner with Backline. They are doing very important work.” To learn more about Backline and make a charitable donation, visit their official website.

Stream The Lumineers’ official music video for “Deck the Halls,” or download the new single here

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