Host of The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon and pop sensation Meghan Trainor took the stage on Monday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform their Christmas duet “Wrap Me Up.” In this lively song, Fallon playfully attempts to guess the Christmas gift Trainor has for him, only to discover that she is the actual present.

On the track Fallon croons, “It’s Christmas time, my dear, and we said no gifts this year/ I got one question if you’d let me, what did you get me?” He speculates about receiving a tie, an ugly sweater, matching pajamas, and something even more extravagant before Trainor coyishly responds, “No, baby, you’re lookin’ at it.”

The song debuted on Nov. 17 and has been steadily climbing the charts for the past couple of weeks. Fallon shared the backstory of the single on his own show on Nov. 13, revealing his long-standing desire to collaborate with Trainor. After reaching out to the singer, who expressed interest in creating a holiday song, Fallon sent her a voice memo with him rapping ideas about wrapping up gifts.

Admitting he didn’t initially hear back from Trainor, Fallon chuckled as he recounted the moment. Eventually, Trainor called him and shared, “Hey, I took your idea and instead of ‘wrap it up,’ I made it into ‘wrap me up,’ like I’m the gift.” Fallon, impressed with the transformation, played a snippet of the song on The Tonight Show but saved the live debut for Kimmel’s program.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the track, Fallon described it as a “bop” and a “banger” that truly captivates listeners. Watch Fallon and Trainor’s performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live below.