On Wednesday, Sept. 27, Wilco surprised folks at Poor David’s Pub in Dallas by taking the stage on a night billed for their longtime drummer Glenn Kotche & Friends. In addition to material pluck from albums such as  A.M., Being There, Cruel County and Sky Blue Sky, the band also added in covers, including an original from Jeff Tweedy’s Uncle Tupelo-days, an original scribed by Bob Dylan in addition to an unannounced appearance from Rob Case. 

The impromptu show kicked off with the soft fluttering of “Far, Far Away” met with Tweedy’s favored lyrical presentation on the 1996 cut. For the ensuing number, the band landed on a Dylan original, the Nashville Skyline tune “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You.” Next, they returned to originals, working on “Hate It Here,” “Too Far Apart,” “Passenger Side,” and “It’s Just That Simple.” 

“A Lifetime to Find” came before Uncle Tupelo’s “New Myriad.” They picked up Stoney Edward’s “She’s My Rock,” applying some additional twang to their Lone Star State frame, before tugging to the heartstrings with “Forget The Flowers” crooned confessionals. Afterward, they added an homage to their location by covering a late figure in the Tex-Mex music scene, Doug Sahm’s “Give Back the Key to My Heart.”

For their final ode to Texas, they welcomed Dallas native Rob Case up to sit in on his original song, “Bayou City.” Following the band’s unannounced Dallas set, they continued with previously scheduled stops, making their rounds through Austin, leading to their evening performance at Kiva Auditorium in Albuquerque. Tickets remain on sale and can be purchased here.


Poor David’s Pub – Dallas 

Sept. 27, 2023 

Set: Far, Far Away, Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You, Hate It Here, Too Far Apart, Passenger Side, It’s Just That Simple, A Lifetime to Find, New Myraid, She’s My Rock, Forget The Flowers, Give Back the Key to My Heart, Bayou City 

Setlist via setlist.FM