Photo Credit: Stephen Bloch

Earlier this week, My Morning Jacket played their 1,000th show. The performance occurred at TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, Netherlands, a meaningful location given some of the group’s earliest performances took place in the region. During the night, the band nodded to some seasoned material, dropping “I Think I’m Going to Hell” into the mix and another tune off their debut LP, 1999’s The Tennessee Fire.

After kicking off the concert with “I Think I’m Going to Hell,” My Morning Jacket worked through choice selects from their extensive discography, plucking tunes off of Circuital (2011), Z (2005), Evil Urges (2008), and It Still Moves (2003), before returning their 1999 set and adding in another veteran tune, “Nashville to Kentucky.” After wrapping one of their earliest numbers, MMJ added “Never in the Real World” before returning with material off their sophomore release, At Dawn, with “X-Mas Curtain.”

The concert continued with an array of material, including the inclusion of a song from nearly every one of the band’s full-length releases, which emphasized the meaningful nature of the occasion and importance for the group, who later followed up on social media, scribing some words on the significance of their June 6 concert in the Netherlands. 

On the MMJ’s official social media, they offered: “hard to believe it was show number 1000 with mmj for tom and jim- and so fitting for it to be in the netherlands and belgium where so much of our career began! we had only played about 15 shows around louisville before we flew to holland and belgium for the first time so many moons ago in the year 2000! so grateful to the fine folks of the Benelux region!”

Along with memories, the group also shared a video, “Tom made this lil video from some of the lola de musica doc and some of his own footage.” They continued, “thanks to everyone who came out to these shows in europe and UK so far, and to everyone anywhere everywhere always who come to see us play- we love you and we are so grateful for you! on to portugal and spain.” 

View the aforementioned video from My Morning Jacket below.