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Today, bass sensation Karina Rykman announced the August 18 release of her debut album, Joyride, due via AWAL. As a preview of the forthcoming set, the artist has delivered the title track, which features signature lead guitar stylings from the co-producer of the record and Phish frontman Trey Anastasio, who also lends his skills on five out of the album’s nine tracks. 

The impending collection was written and recorded with Rykman’s childhood friend Gabe Monro, who assisted the musician in transmitting her natural vibrancy onto the full-length album. The set of music spawns from the success of previously released independent singles, “Elevator” and the million-streaming “Plants,” both of which have been revisited and enhanced for inclusion on Joyride

Joyride came about after Rykman and Anastasio played at the 2021 edition of Scranton, Pa.’s Peach Music Festival, which sparked the Phish co-founder’s interest in the debut project, inevitably leading to an offer to use his storied Vermont studio, The Barn. There, Rykman also worked alongside renowned mixer Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Swans, Ramones) to craft her project. 

“Trey and I hadn’t seen each other since pre-pandemic,” said Rykman via press release. “But at this music festival, he ran up to me and referred to each of my singles by name. I had no idea he knew what I was up to, musically speaking. I went to middle school with his daughters, and we’ve been ‘family friends’ for a long time, but it wasn’t until that moment in July 2021 that he really became a musical peer. The amount of selflessness and care he has shown in his mentorship toward me is awe-inspiring. I could never thank him enough for all he’s given me.”

Anastasio added his own word: “When I first heard the early demos, the first thing I said was more Karina.” He continued, “Turn up the bass, sing more, and step out. What makes me most happy about the finished album now is that to my ears, it sounds like Karina unapologetically. It has her nature. It has her incredible joyous outlook that I know is real because I saw it in her when she was a kid.” 

A New York City native, Rykman’s career took off early teens. Her prowess on the bass brought forth an expansive offering of high-profile television gigs before Marco Benevento invited her to join his band on the recommendation of Ween bassist Dave Dreiwitz. Alongside Benevento, Rykman performed countless shows, including dates with Vulfpeck, Dispatch, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, Guster and others. 

In time Rykman formed her own namesake band with Adam November (guitar, loopers, effects) and Chris Corsico (drums) and quickly claimed a reputation as a high-energy, mesmerizing live act. Her most recent accolade includes appearances with the 8G Band on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers

Joyride is about being driven insane as you’re kept awake by music in your head all night – so much so that eventually, you give up and ask your partner to take you on a joyride instead of tossing and turning,” Rykman said. “This is doubly humorous because I’m an unlicensed born and raised Manhattanite, and as a result, must be driven everywhere,” seers Rykman. 

Pre-order Joyride now. Stream the title track here



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