Photo via Papadosio’s Facebook

Today, progressive jamtronica band, Papadosio announced their new album, To Live A Making, which will release on June 16. The project marks the band’s ninth album and first in three years, though since last August, they’ve released an EP’s worth of material.

So far, Papadosio have five songs out that are likely to be featured on the project: “Zoom Out,” “You’re a Catman,” “Not Just A Word,” “Dare You” and “Spinning.” Each of the songs holds the band’s signature sound, and experimental inclinations while they traverse themes of oneness, time and reflection, likely propelled by vocalist and guitarist Anthony Thogmartin’s perspective as a new father.

“It is a story about life: a timely commentary at a pivotal moment in human history that is dedicated to pondering prevailing mainstream cultural narratives,” the band wrote of the album on social media. “The music aims to inspire notions that life itself is creative, that love is real, and that together we could thrive if only we could tell ourselves the right stories and ask ourselves the right questions.”

Notably, Papadosio will share their latest single off the album “Fossilize” on Friday, June 2. Pre-order or pre-save To Live A Making here.