Today, the Relix Music Conference announced the first iteration of executives, musicians, and industry professionals who will be joining them at Brooklyn Bowl Nashville in Nashville, Tenn., on Monday, April 17 and Tuesday, April 18. The return of the event marks the primer live music conference’s fourth iteration, which is set up to welcome the minds behind Live Nation Entertainment, Spotify, School of Rock, Wasserman Music, and more, securing the not-to-be-missed event as a rare opportunity to better understand the state of the live entertainment industry and where it’s going.

The Relix Music Conference, produced by Dayglo Presents’ Project Management Director Brad Tucker, will welcome more than 40 speakers over two days to cover many complex and fascinating topics about the live music scene, from contemporary business practices to new ideas about ushering in the next generation of music lovers.

“Since the inception of the Relix Music Conference, we’ve strived to create unique panels and cover topics that you won’t find at any other music conference. In keeping with the spirit of the conference being in a music venue and not spread out throughout hotel ballrooms, we’re able to foster a great environment for attendees, panelists and sponsors to connect and network over the course of the two days,” said Tucker. “We’re excited to be coming to Brooklyn Bowl Nashville and bring our conference to a new market for what we hope will be the first of an annual happening.”   

The first day of the Relix Music Conference, April 17, will shine the light on two major topics: The first will be an open-form wide-ranging conversation about the current state of the live music industry in 2023 titled SOUND CHECK: THE STATE OF THE BUSINESS (PART 1). The conversation, presented by Acess industries, will welcome panelists Arron Frank, the owner and founder of AMFM; Dayna Frank, President & CEO of First Avenue & 7th St Entry and Board President & Co-Founder of NIVA; Chief Creative Officer of Ad Ventures Josh Rowe; Head of Artist Partnerships at Spotify Mary Catherine Kinney, and PSBM’s Managing Director, Tara Moore. The panel will be moderated by Relix Magazine Editor-In-Chief Dean Budnick.

The second conversation to be held during the conference’s first day of programming, titled POINT A TO POINT Z: OPTIMIZING THE FAN EXPERIENCE, will dive into exploring ideas about how to optimize the concert experience – from initial artist announcements to after the fans leave a venue following an encore. The roundtable-style conversation, presented by the TN Entertainment Commission, will welcome venue operators and concert promoters at the top of their fields, including tvg Hospitality CEO Ben Lovett; Director of Concerts at Ryman Hospitality Properties, Chrissy Hall; the founder and CEO of Dayglo Presents Peter Shapiro; and COO of Live Nation Entertainment and Venue Nation, Tom See. Pam Matthews, the Executive Director at IEBA, will serve as moderator during what is sure to be an illuminating conversation.

The second day of the Relix Music Conference, April 18, will feature three panels, all as passionate and fascinated about the future of the live music industry as the day before. The conversation titled CHILD’S PLAY–presented by School of Rock–will investigate areas of growth within the industry by and for young people to see what is working, what could be done more effectively and what challenges and opportunities come from working in that specific sector of the business.

Panelists include CEO of Terrapin Station Entertainment, Jonathan Shank; Mario Tirado of Creative Artists Agency; COO of School of Rock, Stacey Ryan; The Rock and Roll Playhouse’s Senior Director, Stephen Grybowski and the founder and Co-President of Round Room Live, Stephen Shaw. The conversation will be moderated by Relix Magazine Editor-In-Chief Mike Greenhaus.

The second of three panels set for April 18 will focus on Wasserman Music and is aptly titled CASE STUDY: WASSERMAN MUSIC. The panel, moderated by Josh Baron of Project Admission, will explore Wasserman Music from its debut in April of 2021, how it managed during the COVID-19 pandemic, acquired Paradigm Talent Agency’s North American music business, and in two years has constantly continued to expand its scope, while remaining true to its roots. Speakers include Wasserman Music’s SVP of Business Development, Chappel McCollister, EVP & Managing Executives Jonathan Levine and Lee Anderson, along with Vice President of Entertainment Marketing Molly Bailin.

The final panel set for the second day of the Relix Music Conference will explore the virtual world of what is often referred to as the Web3 space: blockchain, Crypto and NFTs. The abstract yet practical sphere has had its ups and downs, but through the panel, BUILDING BLOCKS, some of the most vivid minds from artists, promoters, ticketing companies and venues will unite to explore how they can capitalize on the ever-expanding technology. BUILDING BLOCKS will be moderated by Unlock’s Patrick Workman and feature panelists Deana Burk the Co-Founder of Boys Club, The Chernin Group’s Jarrod Dicker, a partner and crypto expert, along with Vladislav Ginzburg, the Co-Founder and CEO of Blockparty.

Early Bird passes to the Relix Music Conference are sold out, while tier-one passes are available here. A full schedule will be available over the next few weeks. In the meantime, tickets and more information can be found at



Presented by Access Industries

A freewheeling, wide-ranging conversation regarding the state of the live music industry in 2023 with perspectives from a variety of verticals across the business. 

Moderator: Dean Budnick – Editor-In-Chief, Relix Magazine


Aaron Frank – Owner/Founder, AMFM

Dayna Frank – President & CEO, First Avenue & 7th St Entry / Board President & Co-Founder, NIVA

Josh Rowe – Chief Creative Officer, Ad Ventures

Mary Catherine Kinney – Head of Artist Partnerships, Spotify

Tara Moore – Managing Director, PSBM


Presented by TN Entertainment Commission

About: A roundtable of concert promoters and venue operators exchange ideas and approaches to optimizing the experience of attending a concert from the time a show announces to when fans leave the venue after the encore.

Moderator: Pam Matthews – Executive Director, IEBA 


Ben Lovett  – CEO, tvg Hospitality

Chrissy Hall – Director of Concerts, Ryman Hospitality Properties

Peter Shapiro – Founder & CEO, Dayglo Presents 

Tom See – Chief Operating Officer, Venue Nation, Live Nation Entertainment



Presented by School of Rock

About: One of the growth areas within the live music industry is performances by and for young people. What’s working, what’s not and what are the challenges and opportunities that come with working in this space?

Moderator: Mike Greenhaus – Editor-In-Chief, Relix Magazine


Jonathan Shank – CEO, Terrapin Station Entertainment

Stacey Ryan – Chief Operating Officer, School of Rock

Mario Tirado – Creative Artists Agency

Stephen Grybowski – Senior Director, The Rock and Roll Playhouse

Stephen Shaw – Founder & Co-President, Round Room Live


About: Wasserman Music debuted in April 2021. At that time, with the live music industry still reeling from the impact of the pandemic, Casey Wasserman acquired Paradigm Talent Agency’s North American music business. Over the intervening two years Wasserman Music has continued to expand its scope, while also remaining true to its roots, which can be traced back to Monterey Peninsula Artists.

Moderator: Josh Baron – Project Admission


Chappel McCollister – SVP, Business Development, Wasserman Music

Jonathan Levine – EVP & Managing Executive, Wasserman Music

Lee Anderson – EVP & Managing Executive, Wasserman Music

Molly Bailin – Vice President, Entertainment Marketing, Wasserman


About: It’s been a wild couple of years in what’s referred to as the Web3 space – blockchain, crypto and that three-letter acronym, NFTs. While the rollercoaster ride may not be entirely over for Web3, the practical application of NFTs in the live music space has grown considerably as artists, venues, promoters and ticketing companies look to capitalize on the ever-expanding tech.

Moderator: Patrick Workman – Unlock


Deana Burke – Co-Founder, Boys Club

Jarrod Dicker – Partner, Crypto, The Chernin Group

Vladislav Ginzburg – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Blockparty