Master instrumentalists Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee have announced they’ll return as their live-electronic act, Break Science, with a new EP titled Mecha Flora – set to release on Feb. 2, 2023.

The six-track EP, which also marks the duo’s first extended release since 2018’s Grid of Souls, was incepted and recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic. While Deitch and Lee were in lockdown like the rest of the world, the two lived only seven minutes apart on foot from their homes in Denver. Much of the isolated recording sessions were tracked using Lee’s home piano and drum set in his living room – the resulting songs hold a meditative cathartic output elevated by both live instruments and electronic effects.

In celebration of the announcement of the EP, the duo plan to release the project’s title track on Jan. 18. Listen to the song below.

It’s also notable that on Feb. 2, Break Science will celebrate the release of the project with a headline debut at Meow Wolf Convergence Station in Denver. Learn more and find tickets for the EP release party here.