On Sunday, Dec. 11, Osiris Media will bring its flagship podcast, Undermine, to a live audience for the first time with music and discussions in celebration of Phish’s esteemed 1997 fall tour, otherwise known as the Phish Destroys America tour. The live event will occur at Ardmore Music Hall in Ardmore, Pa. 

Phish lyricist Tom Marshall, Osiris Media CEO RJ Bee, and author Benjy Eisen will participate in the upcoming event, which looks back on the Vermont foursomes’ legendary sound, which continues to resonate with listeners some 25 years later. 

Following the discussion, a music set will be played, pulling in elements of Phish’s fabled ‘97 run. Cal Kehoe (Pink Talking Fish), bassist Chris Deangelis (The Machine / Kung Fu), drummer Adrian Tramontano (Twiddle / Kung Fu), keyboard player Jeremy Kaplan (Dogs In A Pile), Andrew Pfeiffer (FeelFree), and more are slated to participate.

“Phish’s Fall 1997 tour changed the way that I see live music, and it served the same purpose for so many other fans,” said Bee. “Every time we bring music and conversation together at one of these events, it always brings out new stories and perspectives. We have an insanely talented band who is going to bring this music to life, for this once-in-a-lifetime event.” 

Tickets for Osiris Live: Undermine – A Tribute to Phish Fall ‘97 are on sale now and can be purchased here.