Photo by Rene Huemer 

Today, Phish bassist Mike Gordon released a playlist of his favorite songs from Phish’s 2022 shows, sans the New Year’s run at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The playlist is comprised of 17 live tracks tracking in at over three hours and is available on

“Hello friends! Here’s another playlist of favorites from all of Phish 2022 (except the New Year’s run to come). I keep notes in my journals, listen back to songs or sets that I liked. It’s never for obvious reasons,” wrote Gordon on Instagram, announcing the annual playlist.

Some of the choices include “Golden Age” from Orange Beach, Ala. on May 28, “Ghost,” “Set Tour Soul Free” and “Twist” from Bethel, N.Y. on July 23, “Harry Hood” from Atlantic City on Aug. 5 and more.

Gordon went on to explain the reasoning behind his selection, “I have to like the song, not just the jam, and feel fresh emotions sparking from the version I’m hearing. Apologies for repeating a song twice, but both versions offered something new for me. Please enjoy. And have an awesome thanksgiving,” Gordon shared.

He went on to share his thanks, in line with the season writing, “I’m feeling so much gratitude for my bandmates and all of you for coming and listening and being part of the fabric of our uni-energy. That’s not a word; that’s me sounding dumb, and yet authentic.”

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Enjoy Mike’s Phish-2022 Selects playlist here.