Photo via Spafford’s Official Facebook

Today, Arizona-bred jammers Spafford have announced a shift in their current lineup. The group shared that their founding keyboardist, Andrew “Red” Johnson, has made the decision to depart the ensemble. 

Johnson shared the news across the band’s official social media pages, where he started by stating: “First off let me say what an amazing tour this has been! The music has been on point, the crew has been TOP NOTCH, and the fans… UNREAL as always! Thank you all so much!” 

The musician continued, “Another reason this tour has been so incredibly special to me is that after many conversations with my family, very close friends, and my brothers in Spafford, I made the decision that this would be my last tour. The past 11 years with Spafford have been a dream come true and I wouldn’t trade a single second. But more and more my desire to spend time with my wife and family has started to outweigh the demands and dedication of full time touring.”

He went on to add, “Being a member of Spafford has been the honor of my life. Making music with my best friends – my brothers, has been such a humbling experience and a privilege I will never take for granted. Although my journey with the band has come to an end, the Spafford story is far from over.”

The keyboardist concluded his statement by reminding readers that New Year’s Eve marks Spafford’s first concert date, which occurred in 2011. Johnson also assured fans that he will still be a part of the band’s holiday celebration on Dec. 30 and 31 at The Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Ariz. The gigs will now double as the keyboardist’s final performances with Spafford. 

Read Johnson’s official statement below.