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On Saturday night, Widespread Panic descended upon The Theater at MGM National Harbor on the banks of the Potomac River, outside the nation’s capital, for the second night of a three-part stand that began on Sept. 16. Night two brought forth a first set steeped in all original Michael Houser-era tunes, followed by a jam-filled latter half which featured the first-ever “Blue Indian” second set closer. Also in attendance at last night’s show were Houser’s father, sister and niece.

Widespread Panic’s Sept. 17 concert got underway with 1993’s “Pleas,” which appeared on the group’s third studio album, Everyday. Next, the ensemble worked in “Pigeons” for the second number of the night, which was followed by “The Take Out” and a hot rendition of “Porch Song” played with fiery allure as the band built toward the main jam. 

Following an epic take on “Porch Song,” Widespread Panic continued their first set with fan favorite, “Walkin’ (For Your Love),” providing the perfect moment for the last seated concert-goers to rise and groove to early-‘90s standard. “Happy Child” was played next and flowed into “Pilgrims” before the band capped it with “Travelin’ Man.” 

“The Waker” off 1999’s ‘Til the Medicine Takes arrived before the second to last song of the Widespread’s first frame: “This Part of Town.” Then, they landed on “Ain’t Life Grand,” which saw John Bell pick up the mandolin and jam during the set’s final number. Last night’s initial set included original songs from the band’s repertoire while performing with Houser, their original guitarist, who passed away on Aug. 10, 2002, after battling pancreatic cancer. Since the recent 20th anniversary of his passing, Widespread Panic has made a point to outward honor Houser, and last night was no different.

After a memorable first set, the band began the second half of their show with “Space Wrangler,” followed by “Tickle The Truth” and “Visiting Day.” “Halloween Face” landed next, prior to a take on Leon Russell’s 1971 number, “Stranger in a Strange Land,” which opened the first segue segment of the second set. The previous number flowed into a cover of Bob Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” before Widespread returned to “Stranger in a Strange Land” to cap their jam.

The set continued with “St. Ex” and “Impossible,” which bled into “Jack” and “Bust It Big” for a momentous three-part jam. Then, “Blue Indian” closed the second set for the first time in the band’s history, according to To follow the main sets, Widespread Panic encored with “May Your Glass Be Filled,” followed by “Last Straw,”  and ended the night on “Action Man.” 

After last night’s show, Widespread Panic will return to the stage tonight for the final stand of their Washington, D.C. run at The Theater at MGM National Harbor. Tickets for the Sunday night concert remain on sale and can be purchased now for those interested in catching the action.  

Scroll down to see the band’s complete setlist from the Saturday night show.

Widespread Panic 

The Theater at MGM National Harbor – National Harbor, Md. 

Sept. 17, 2022 

Set I: Pleas, Pigeons, The Take Out, Porch Song, Walkin’ (For Your Love), Happy Child > Pilgrims, Travelin’ Man, The Waker, This Part of Town, Ain’t Life Grand%

Set II: Space Wrangler, Tickle The Truth, Visiting Day, Halloween Face, Stranger in a Strange Land* > A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall& > Stranger in a Strange Land, St. Ex, Impossible > Jack > Bust It Big, Blue Indian+

Enc.: May Your Glass Be Filled, Last Straw, Action Man


% John Bell on mandolin 

* Leon Russell Cover

& Bob Dylan Cover 

+ First time “Blue Indian” closed the second set 

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