Todd Rundgren has announced a new collaborative album, dubbed Space Force, due out on Oct. 14 via Cleopatra Records. Rundgren’s forthcoming release expands on the artist’s 2017 LP, White Horse, with duets, rarities and never-released material, which features many talented artists. 

Space Force sees collaborations between Rundgren and various musical talent on the g 12-track album. Amongst the contributors are The Roots, Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo, Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen, The Lemon Twigs, Sparks, Steve Vai, rapper Nancy, Fleetwood Mac’s Neil Finn, King Crimson’s Adrian Belew, Alfie Templeman, Davey Lane and Thomas Dolby. 

In support of today’s announcement, Rundgren has unveiled his single “Puzzle” off his forthcoming album. “Puzzle” features guitarist Belew in collaboration with Rundgren. Moreover, the two musicians are currently on a joint tour titled “Celebrating David Bowie,” including Scrote, Jeffery Gaines, Royston Langdon, Ron Dziubla, Angeline Saris and Travis McNabb. 

Stream Rundgren’s single “Puzzle” now.  

Pre-order Space Force here.

Space Force Track List: 

  1. Puzzle (with Adrian Belew)
  2. Down With the Ship (with River Cuomo)
  3. Artist in Residence (with Neil Finn)
  4. Godiva Girl (with The Roots)
  5. Your Fandango (with Sparks)
  6. Someday (with Davey Lane)
  7. I’m Not Your Dog (with Thomas Dolby)
  8. Espionage (with Nancy)
  9. STFU (with Rick Nielsen) 
  10. Head in the Ocean (with Alfie) 
  11. I’m Leaving (with The Lemon Twigs) 
  12. ECO Warrior Goddess (with Steve Vai)