Photo Credit: Charles Dharapak

On Tuesday, authorities responded to a report of fires inside the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium in Washington, D.C. The multi-purpose facility was the former longtime home of Washington’s NFL football team and has been a historical venue for live music since it opened in 1961. 

The District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department shared a video via Twitter of smoke billowing from the facility while the response team surveyed the damage. They commented, “Working Fire RFK Stadium. #DCsBravest have located several fires in below grade levels in the stadium. In the process of extinguishing same. No injuries reported. Investigators enroute.” Later in the evening, D.C. Fire responded with a follow-up Tweet, informing folks that all the fires had been fully extinguished, and an investigation was underway. 

Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium has long been a gathering place for sports fans and live music enthusiasts. The venue holds particular significance for the Grateful Dead and their following. Not only did the band perform at the Washington, D.C., location on multiple occasions, but they also released a six-CD live album that contained two complete concerts recorded at the venue on July 12 and 13, 1989.