Marcus King has shared the latest single, “Lie Lie Lie,” off his forthcoming solo album, Young Blood, due out on Aug. 26 via Rick Rubin’s American Records/ Republic Records. In addition, King has also unveiled the official music video for the track, which was shoot at Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound Studio in Nashville. 

“Lie Lie Lie” is a tried and true rock epic, the type with an electric tempo and vocals to match. Shuffling drums, soaring instrumental solos and psychedelic guitar riffs define the track, which King describes as capturing the spirit of his fourth record, which follows 2018’s Carolina Confessions

“You can feel how natural the vibe was in the studio. This track showcases each player’s energy, it shines a light on the production and the SOUND of Easy Eye Sound. At the two-and-a-half-minute mark the band locks into a groove that becomes a sonic representation of why I do what I do! I LIVE for that feeling,” offered King. 

Yellow and blue hues backlight the official music video, and much like his last, for “Rescue Me,” King appears relaxed with his band as he rolls out the lyrics from Auerbach’s studio. As the tempo builds, so does King’s spirit, till he croons his first offering of the lyrics: “I said goodbye, cause you lie, lie lied to me.” 

Inspired by breakups, addiction, tales of excess and profound salvation, Young Blood captures King’s experiences and uses them to guide the listener through the music, using lyrics as markers on a monumental journey inside the inner workings of the young musician.

Album producer and founding member of The Black Keys, Auerbach offered, “Music runs so deep in Marcus’ blood he might not even realize how born to do this he is. He’s the real deal.” Needless to say, the naturalness of King’s place as a rock-and-roll entity is effervescent on his latest track.

Pre-order Young Blood now. Listen to “Lie Lie Lie” here

Watch the official music video for “Lie Lie Lie” below.