Photo by Jesse Faatz

Last night, Primus performed at the famed Ryman Auditorium in Nashville as part of their Tribute To Kings Tour, which pays homage to prog-rock legends Rush. The concert began with a selection of originals ahead of a sit-in with Billy Strings, who joined the band midway through the first set for two songs. Then, the band performed a set of Rush covers before delivering three encores to cap off their night in Music City. 

Set one began with bass-heavy “Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers” off 1991’s Sailing the Seas of Cheese. The band followed up with 2011’s “Last Salmon Man,” which appeared on Primus’ album Green Naugahyde, and the 1990’s hypnotic rock epic title track “Frizzle Fry.” Then, they turned out a new tune, 2022’s “Conspiraoia.” 

Midway through the first set, Billy Strings joined his friend Les Claypool on stage to perform a bumping take on “Over the Falls.” Then, Primus and their guest delivered one last collaboration, this time a funky “Lee Van Cleef.” The first set continued with “Professor Nutbutter’s House of Treats” and “Welcome to This World.” For the last song of the first set, Primus returned to Sailing the Seas of Cheese to perform “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver.”

Set two featured six consecutive covers of Rush tunes performed in the order they appeared on the LP, A Farewell To Kings. The band began with a take on tour namesake and title track, “A Farewell to Kings” and followed up with “Xanadu.” Next up, the ensemble delivered “Closer to the Heart” and “Cinderella Man.” Then, they delivered “Madrigal,” ahead of the second set closer, “Cygnus X-1.”

Primus delivered three original tracks for their encore, beginning with fan-favorite “Here Come the Bastards,” which featured a tease of Rush’s “A Passage To Bangkok” off 1976’s LP, 2112. Then, they played another new track off 2022’s EP, Conspiranoid, “Follow the Fool.” Finally, Primus concluded their Ryman Auditorium stand with “Groundhog’s Day.” 

See photos of the concert below. 


Ryman Auditorium– Nashville 

May 9, 2022 

Set I: Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers, Last Salmon Man, Frizzle Fry, Conspiraoia, Over the Falls*, Lee Van Cleef*, Professor Nutbutter’s House of Treats, Welcome to This World, Jerry Was a Race Car Driver

Set II: A Farewell to Kings, Xanadu, Closer to the Heart, Cinderella Man, Madrigal, Cygnus X-1

Enc.: Here Come the Bastards, Follow the Fool, Groundhog’s Day 


* with Billy Strings