The Slip guitarist and Barr Brothers cofounder, Brad Barr have announced the forthcoming release of a brand-new instrumental solo-guitar album, titled The Winter Mission. The LP is out on January 21 via Secret City Records. 

Today, the artist also shared his first single off the album, “Ancient Calendars.” The solo guitar piece and long-form improvised single is amplified on a 12-string acoustic guitar with no overdubs. Barr commented, “that was the idea while writing and recording this music—one person playing music alone without any accompaniment.” 

The Winter Mission is the follow-up to Barr’s first instrumental guitar album and solo debut, The Fall Apartment which was released in 2008. 

Listen to the first single “Ancient Calendars” here

Preorder The Winter Mission, here

The Winter Mission Tracklist: 

1. 3, 4, 5, 6

2. Your Dad’s Awake 

3. The Color Of Nine 

4. Ancient Calendars

5. Cleveland, OH

6. Baseball

7. Two Hundred And Sixteen 

8. Magic Square

9. Autonomie 

10. Untouchable Number 

11. Safe

12. Prayer Beads