Randall Bramblett, Jim Lauderdale, Tommy Talton, Jeff Mosier and Grant Green Jr. are among the artists slated to take part in TDawg Presents’ The 10th Annual Holiday Hootenanny. This year’s festivities will be held at Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse on Sunday, December 19. Other musicians slated to appear include: Matt Slocum, Jason Carter, Bryan Lopes, Joey Sommerville, Daniel Wytanis, Kevin Thomas, Gaurav Malhotra, Richie Jones, Evan Sarver, Jared Womack, Matt Williams and Bobby Miller.

A note from the show’s producers reads, “The 10th Annual Holiday Hootenanny is poised to be a musically emotional experience for all who can make it. Two musicians very near and dear to our collective heart passed away this summer within about a month of each other, percussionist Count M’Butu and keyboardist Ike Stubblefield. Their passing was a collective blow to our music community, and the 2021 edition will celebrate their energy, both musical and personal, that so many of us felt, as well as the ever present spirits of Col. Bruce Hampton, Johnny Knapp, and Yonrico Scott. My hope is that you come, enjoy, feel the love, and are inspired to be there for Atlanta Habitat for Humanity and to celebrate the lives of two iconic masters of their instruments and great friends to many.”

As always, the show will benefit Atlanta’s Habitat for Humanity.