Nettwerk Records announced today that they have signed San Fransico Bay Area psychedelic music collective Moonalice to their roster. The announcement comes in conjunction with Moonalice’s cover of The Chambers Brothers 1968 hit “Time Has Come Today.” The soul song stands as a definitive and reflective anthem of the intertwined late-60s counterculture and civil rights music.

Lester Chambers, who was originally a member of The Chamber Brothers and now a member of Moonalice, once again takes lead vocals on the track. Recently, The Chambers Brothers were featured in Questlove’s new documentary Summer of Soul.

Moonalice has been described as a tree with many branches whose roots extend deep and wide and has an ethos of “Love, Peace and Happiness,” much like Chambers Brothers’ song of the same name.

Already preceded by a storied legacy, this partnership with Nettwerk marks a new chapter in Moonalice’s ongoing journey, and it is exciting to contemplate what the future may hold for them. 

Listen to Moonalice’s new version of “Time Has Come Today” below: