Photo by Jess Wasson

For 12 years Andrew Bird has welcomed the winter with a series of concerts that Chicagoans lovingly call Gezelligheid. To curb the seasonal darkness the holiday performances have connected fans through steadying music, in fact, Gezelligheid, depending on the context means coziness or just plain old fun.

This year the tradition will continue on Sunday, Dec. 19, though it will be away from its usual location at Chicago’s Fourth Presbyterian Church, and instead will be recreated through a lived-streamed set in Los Angeles.

Last year’s Gezelligheid, was presented amidst the orange groves of Ojai, and allowed more attendees to witness the performance than ever before, and spread warmth across the country. This year, Bird strives to accomplish the same thing.

Gezelligheid typically features a set of instrumental violin pieces which are further amplified by Bird’s signature spinning horns. Viewers can also expect Bird to play songs from his debut holiday album, HARK!.

Learn more about the event here.

Watch a behind the scenes of Gezelligheid below: