On Sept. 29, power trio The Nth Power – guitarist/vocalist Nick Cassarino, drummer/vocalist Nikki Glaspie and bassist Nate Edgar – will drop their new album Reverence.

Reverence will be the band’s first album in six years, and guests on the LP include Maceo Parker, Ivan Neville, Nick Daniels III and Cheryl Pepsii Riley.

The late Kofi Burbridge also makes appearances on 10 of the project’s 11 tracks.

The band has retroactively dedicated Reverence in his honor.

“It means everything that Kofi was playing with us before his transition,” Cassarino explains via press release. “He brought the same energy to the studio that he brought to the stage, that he brought to rehearsal, that he brought to dinner — greatness.”

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Watch The Nth Power perform the album’s lead track “Reach Out” at Paste below: