John Zorn’s enduring and illustrious work Cobra, which was first performed at Roulette‘s Tribeca Location in 1984, is returning Dec. 15. The project is a musical game system that aims to create a musical environment that is kaleidoscopic in nature through improvisatory ensembles that morph and shift organically throughout a performance.

The project will bring together 12 musicians from the worlds of jazz, rock, classical and improvisational music to interact and focus while giving them the opportunity to make spontaneous decisions about the overall structure and direction of the music.

December’s iteration will feature, John Medeski on the organ, Zeena Parkins on electric harp and keyboards, Trever Dunn on bass, and many more. The performance will not be live-streamed and only available to be viewed in person.

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Cobra Full Line up:

Mary Halvorson: guitar
Wendy Eisenberg: guitar
Zeena Parkins: electric harp, keyboards
John Medeski: organ
Sylvie Courvoisier: piano
Patricia Brennan: Vibes
Sae Hashimoto: percussion, vibes
Trevor Dunn: bass
Mareike Wiening: drums
Laura Cromwell: drums
Alexandria Smith: trumpet, electronics
Ikue Mori: electronics
John Zorn: prompter