As Hurricane Ida evaporates, Louisiana officials are taking stock of the damage done to New Orleans and its surrounding area.

One such loss from the storm is the Karnofsky Shop, a pawn-shop-turned-New Orleans’ first record store that was the site of endless inspiration for a very young Louis Armstrong in the 1910s.

“Every time we would come in late on the little wagon from buying old rags and bones, when they would be having ‘supper’ they would fix a plate of food for me, saying you’ve worked, might as well eat here with us,” Armstrong famously recalled of the store owners, who took him under their wing.

The owners – the Karnofskys – also funded the purchase of Armstrong’s first cornet and – as the legend goes – the famous jazz musician wore a star of David for the rest of his life as a sign of gratitude to the Karnofsky family.

The building was located at 427 S. Rampart St.