Photo Via Tim Palmieri’s Instagram @timpalmieri

Tim Palmieri has made his first comments across social media on becoming Lotus’ new lead guitarist.

“Hello family, friends, and fans, I am very happy, excited, and honored to join Lotus and continue the legacy of Mike Rempel. Having worked with them since Psychedelic Breakfast and Kung Fu days, I’ve gotten to know them as people and feel their chemistry personally and musically. Rempel is an amazing guitarist with incredible jamming skills so this role is a challenge on many fronts. Great melodies, big jams, and a couple of months to get it all ingrained. I ask for the Lotus fan’s positive energy to continue the precedent set by Rempel‘s love for music and the fans. I will still be able to do all my other projects as well as maintaining my Lotus schedule. You can find my dates on Thank you all so much for the kind messages and phone calls. You have faith in me and I will not let you down. Music is my life and I’m always happy to share it. On to the next musical chapter! I look forward to seeing you all for my debut with Lotus in September. Thank you.”

Lotus’ original lead guitarist Mike Rampel decided to leave the band after finding a new focus on the health and wellness fields including, authentic relating groups, personal coaching, guided meditations, and mindfulness education during the pandemic. Rampel played with Lotus since its inception, for twenty-three years.

On Palmieri’s joining Lotus Rampel said, “I offer the incredibly talented Tim Palmieri my best wishes. To be followed by such an adept guitar player is an honor and I wish this next incarnation of Lotus my sincerest blessing. May the musical gods continue to bless you and I look forward to witnessing your ongoing success.”

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Lotus’ last show slated with Rampel on guitar will take place at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Garrettsville, OH, from September 3 through 5.