In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Grammy winner and legendary songwriter Lucinda Williams has revealed that she had a stroke at her Nashville home in November 2020.

“I thought about going to Facebook, but I didn’t want to make it a big, alarming thing. Because you know how Facebook is — everybody’s like, ‘We’re praying for you and everything,’ you know? I didn’t want people to overreact,” Williams said, explaining why she kept the event to herself. “I kind of felt like going off the grid a little bit.”

Williams spent a week in the ICU at Nashville’s Vanderbilt Medical Center, where doctors located a blood clot on the right side of her brain. And after spending additional time in the hospital’s rehabilitation center, she was discharged on Dec. 21.

“I feel good and positive about playing again. We’ve got some shows scheduled with Jason Isbell for late July and we’re planning on doing those,” Williams told RS. “I don’t know if I’ll stand up and sing or I’ll sit down like an old blues person. But we’ll figure it out… The main thing is I can still sing. I’m singing my ass off, so that hasn’t been affected. Can’t keep me down for too long.”

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