Connecticut jammers Goose have shared a brand new music video for their live favorite “So Ready.”

The track comes off the band’s forthcoming LP Shenanigans Nite Club and, according to guitarist/vocalist Rick Mitarotonda, the video is “about a guy at this hometown party. There are all of these people he hasn’t seen in a while and a girl he has unfinished business with. He always had a thing for her. It’s about seeing her, having a moment on the dance floor, and rekindling whatever was there. It’s come to take on other meanings to us as well though. It’s captured some of the excitement of going for it and all of the possibility and wonder of building a band these past few years.”

Shenanigans Nite Club is due out June 4.

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Listen to the lead single “Spirit of the Dark Horse” here.

Watch the video for “So Ready” below: