The Paul Simon Bonediggers performing in 2019

The Paul Simon Bone Diggers are returning to the stage this Saturday, April 10 at the WeHo Funk Yard in West Hollywood, Calif. as part of the “Funk the Rona” live series. For the show, the band has announced that keyboardist Adam MacDougall of Circles Around the Sun and The Black Crowes will join them for the performance.

In the Bone Diggers, guitarist Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz from ALO, bassistReed Mathis of Billy & the Kids, Golden Gate Wingmen and Electric Beethoven, and Scott Rager from Tea Leaf Green approach Paul Simon’s songbook with a creative new jam band approach. While they usually perform in the Bay Area, the Bone Diggers are re-surfacing for one night only in West Hollywood, LA. 

The show will kick off the “Funk the Rona” series which will feature masked and socially distanced intimate performances for a limited-capacity audience. Since so few can attend, the Bone Diggers are streaming it live on Stageit as well. Be sure to catch it live, as a recording of the show will not be available afterward. The livestream is a “pay what you will” event with a minimum of $1 and will air live at 3:30 pm EST.

For more information and to tune into the livestream, click here.