Photo by Wesley Hodges

Dave Matthews Band saxophonist Jeff Coffin has teamed up with cellist Helen Gillet for a special collaborative album Let It Shine, due out March 19.

“Demonstrating the prowess of both of these master multi-instrumentalists, Coffin and Gillet perform a total of 13 instruments between the two of them, with Gillet occasionally augmenting the sonic tapestry with the looping of her cello,” reads an official description.

Interestingly, the duo had only performed together three times prior to launching this project, but Coffin quickly noticed Gillet’s prowess, recalling, “She is at once deeply rooted, historical, forward reaching, in the sky, pushing, prying, releasing, taking charge, acquiescing, leading, following, empathic, subtle, liquid, she’s air and fire, earth and sky, Helen Gillet is a profoundly powerful musical spirit.” 

The LP also features a brief appearance by Coffin’s longtime Flecktones friend Roy ‘Futureman’ Wooten.

Watch a clip from the duo’s 2019 New Orleans performance below: