Phish bassist Mike Gordon recently chatted with Relix about his 2020 collaboration with Leo Kottke – Noon – as well as a string of solo projects he has percolating.

“I get horribly depressed if I don’t have a regular creative thing going,” Gordon explains. “Even if I’m between projects for a month, I’m pulling my hair out. I’m not the guy that can just have leisure time.”

Gordon told Relix that he and his writing partner/bandmate Scott Murawski meet fairly regularly for online songwriting sessions (at the beginning of the pandemic, they were collaborating weekly). The bassist has also been discussing the album regularly on his Instagram account.

The feature also notes that Gordon “probably has enough songs for two albums and that [drummer Jon] Fishman and members of his solo outfit have all laid down their parts remotely. Indie-rock producer Shawn Everett, who worked with Gordon on his 2017 set OGOGO, is involved too.”

Read the full interview via Relix here.