Amanda Shires recently showcased her reflection on reproductive autonomy, “The Problem,” on The Tonight Show, enlisting her colleague/husband Jason Isbell – who appeared on the studio version of the song – for additional vocals and guitar.

“I’m proud of this song,” Shires wrote via social media after its initial, September 2020 release. “It wasn’t an easy one to write, but it was worth every tear and all the heartbreak along the way… I hope you can listen with an open heart. This song is about unconditionally supporting someone you love. This is a love song. Let’s be there for each other.”

The singer/fiddle player hammered home the message on The Tonight Show, wearing a sweater emblazoned with the phrase “my body, my choice.”

She also shared an all-star version of “The Problem” last week, nodding to the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Watch below: