Photo from Beck, Bogert & Appice: Seattle 1973 album cover

Tim Bogert, the lauded bassist for acts such as Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Beck, Bogert and Appice and Bobby and the Midnites, passed away on Jan. 13 after a battle with cancer, according to Deadline. He was 76 years old. 

Bogert founded Vanilla Fudge with organist Mark Stein, guitarist Vince Martell and drummer Carmine Appice in 1967. He and Appice would become lifelong friends and musical compatriots. After Vanilla Fudge initially called it quits, the two musicians continued to collaborate, forming Cactus along with guitarist Jim McCarthy and vocalist Rusty Day. Then, after the second iteration of The Jeff Beck Group disbanded, Bogert and Appice joined up with Beck for a power trio called Beck, Bogert and Appice. 

Later, Bogert joined the first lineup of Bob Weir’s Bobby and the Midnites side project. Although he toured with the group, he ultimately left the band before they released their eponymous debut record in 1981. That same year, Bogert was on tour with guitarist Rick Derringer and released a solo record titled Progressions.

Throughout the remainder of his career, Bogert performed with Vanilla Fudge on multiple occasions, as they had various reunions and tours. In 2009, he retired from the group and from touring altogether due to a motorcycle accident. 

Appice shared a lengthy statement about his collaborator. “He was like a brother to me,” the drummer wrote. “Tim was a one of a kind bass player. He inspired many, many bass players worldwide. He was as masterful at shredding as he was holding down a groove, and Tim introduced a new level of virtuosity into rock bass playing. No one played like Tim.” 

“I loved Tim like a brother,” Appice continued. “He will be missed very much in my life. I will miss calling him, cracking jokes together, talking music and remembering the great times we had together, and how we created kick-ass music together.”

“Perhaps the only good thing about knowing someone close to you is suffering a serious illness, is you have an opportunity to tell them that you love them, and why you love them,” Appice concluded. “I did that, a lot. I was touched to hear it said back to me. Nothing was left unsaid between us and I’m grateful for that. Rest in peace, my partner. I love you. See you on the other side.” 

Appice later shared a quote from Jeff Beck on Bogert’s passing. “Sad to hear the news about Tim’s passing,” Beck wrote. “We shared some good times together on stage and thankfully our mutual work will stand the test of time. His style was totally unique and was never properly recognised. Miss you man.