Photo of Koenig by Michael Schmelling; Photo of Weir by Ian Rawn

Bob Weir appeared on the Nov. 22 episode of Ezra Koenig’s ‘Time Crisis’ radio show/podcast. Koenig hosts the show with Jake Longstreth, who plays guitar in the Weir role in the Grateful Dead cover band Richard Pictures.

Considering Longstreth’s love of the Dead and Koenig’s tangential connections to them through Vampire Weekend, the band is discussed with some frequency on the show. The appearance began with Koenig and Longstreth discussing Richard Pictures with Weir, before Koenig notes that the “primary” reason for his appearance is to discuss American Beauty‘s 50th anniversary. “It’s an unimpeachably excellent record,” said Koenig during the show.

Listen to the conversation below!