“I’m going to play a song that I would like to play that I’ve never played before by myself,” Umphrey’s McGee guitarist Brendan Bayliss said at the top of his Nov. 20 Wine Not livestream, launching into David Bowie’s “Golden Years.” (For good measure, the song also contained elements of UM’s “No Comment” and ended on Alt-J’s “Something Good.”)

Bayliss offered other surprises throughout the informal set, such as “Where Do The Children Play” by Cat Stevens, “Graceland” by Paul Simon and “Brass in Pocket” by the Pretenders – the final track included a sit-in by Bayliss’ wife Annie Bayliss.

The guitarist closed the 60+ minute set with “One Man Show,” from his 30db project with the late great Jeff Austin.

Check out the full video and setlist below:

Brendan Bayliss
Nov. 20, 2020
Wine Not Livestream

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