Photo by Chris Quinn

Goose has announced a new movie centering around their ‘Bingo Tour,’ which took place this past June. The virtual tour lasted ten days, and it featured “four “Bingo Nights” of live music, and six additional days of community events, all live-streamed.” (Quote via press release.) The new film, simply titled Bingo Tour, will debut on Nov. 25 at midnight. It will showcase a “curated compilation of live performances from the four live Bingo Nights.” In addition, “accompanying the feature is a 55-minute behind-the-scenes look into the making of the unprecedented weeklong digital spectacle that attracted thousands of viewers worldwide. 

“Bingo Tour was a really special moment for all of us,” said Peter Anspach (guitar/keys/vocals). “With all the uncertainty about live music at that time, it felt amazing connecting with our fans in such a unique and memorable way. We are forever grateful for their trust and support as we pursue all of our crazy ideas.” (Quote via press release.)

“With so many different community events to get involved in, we wanted to capture a little piece of everything and put together a movie complete with an extras video featuring an hour of behind the scenes footage,” continued Anspach. 

Upon its release, Bingo Tour will be available for a 48-hour rental period for $4.99 or for digital purchase for $14.99.

On release day, Bingo Tour will be available for 48-hour rental for $4.99, or for digital purchase at $14.99. For more information, head to

Over the summer, Goose spoke to about the Bingo Tour. Read that here: Take A Lap: Goose Reflect on Bingo Tour

Check out the trailer for Bingo Tour below!