This afternoon, Trey Anastasio shared the following on Facebook: “Tune into #TheBeaconJams tonight at 7:50PM ET for a special message from the Barn.” It turned out that the message would be from his Phish bandmate, Page McConnell. McConnell then appeared remotely from his home in Vermont and noted that he and Anastasio had collaborated on some songs this summer. He mentioned that he wished he could be down for The Beacon Jams.

McConnell then introduced a pre-recorded duo performance by Anastasio and McConnell. They appeared together on the porch of The Barn. Prior to their performance, Anastasio and McConnell carried out McConnell’s keyboard and recreated the famous cover shot of Colorado ’88 (pictured above).

The duo then performed a rendition of “Evening Song,” which appeared on Phish’s most recent release Sigma Oasis.

UPDATE Oct. 24:
Anastasio has shared a video of the performance with McConnell on his social media. Watch it below!

Page McConnell delivering a pre-show message from Vermont.
McConnell and Anastasio performing at The Barn.