On Election Night, Nov. 3, a slew of artists will perform as part of iVoted, a livestream event to promote voting. Artists participating in the event include My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, Citizen Cope, Fantastic Negrito and many more.

In order to gain access to an artist’s performance, fans must RSVP by showing how they have voted. According to the event’s website, “fans gain access to their show(s) of choice by rsvp-ing w/ a selfie at home with their blank and unmarked mail-in ballot or with a photo from outside of their polling place.” If you’ve already voted, the website stated that you simply have to send a selfie outside any early voting location, mailbox or post office.

If you’re under 18 can’t yet vote, or if you’re ineligible to vote for whatever reason, you can still gain access to iVoted. “Fans who aren’t 18 by 11/3/20 can RSVP w/ a video letting us know what election they’ll be 18 for & why they’re excited to vote,” read the website. “Non-U.S. citizens and ineligible voters can rsvp by letting us know which artists they’re most excited to check out.”

To see the full list of performers and to RSVP, head to ivotedconcerts.com.