The Motet have announced that vocalist Lyle Divinsky and trumpet player Parris Fleming are leaving the band and “pursuing their own paths.” (Quote via press release.) To usher in the band’s new chapter, they have shared a new song titled “False Prophets.”

“As the world, and specifically the music world, continues to fundamentally change in the wake of COVID-19, the group has gone through its own changes,” wrote the band in a press release. “During this complicated time, Lyle Divinsky [vocals] and Parris Fleming [trumpet] are leaving The Motet and pursuing their own paths.”

“The Motet—Dave Watts [drums], Joey Porter [keys], Garrett Sayers [bass], Ryan Jalbert [guitar], and Drew Sayers [keys/saxophone]—wish them well on their future endeavors and look forward to hearing their respective voices again very soon,” continued the statement.

“Lyle and Parris are our brothers,” said Drew Sayers. “They’re a part of our extended musical family. They’re a part of the legacy. They’re a part of the sound’s evolution over the last twenty years. Even though they’re leaving the lineup, their influence isn’t going away.”

“Most importantly, Lyle and Parris will always be members of The Motet family,” added Watts. “I want to make this clear: The Motet are NOT breaking up. We are here, and we’re happy to present new music today. We’re not trying to become an instrumental group, though. We’re actively seeking out a new vocalist and have just started the process of exploring potential options. We’re optimistic about what the future holds and what we can create. We’re moving forward, and we’re still The Motet.”

Listen to the new track “False Prophets” here.